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martedì 28 giugno 2011


The Net collection


Smateria was established in Cambodia in 2006 by two Italian friends, Elisa and Jennifer, who began transforming discarded materials into gorgeous new fashion accessories by mixing Italian design and technical Khmer skills. So using discarded protection net for use on construction sites, plastic abandoned bags or recycling old discarded moto seats they produce funky bags and wallets. You can have a look to the whole collection in their web-site.

Garbage bag



And more, 'Smateria is a self financed, social enterprise that employ able bodied and disabled people. In just four years, the business has grown from five to fifty employees. All Smateria employees are contracted in accordance with International Labour Law. 85% of Smateria employees are young women between the ages of 20 and 30. Smateria outsources much of the handiwork to the family members of their staff. Basic training is offered to the family members for free and sewing machines are provided on a rent to own agreement. The cost of the machines are repaid to Smateria in monthly instalments free of interest fees.'

...and this is my Smateria bag;-)

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